I’m so so thankful for my Dad! Over the course of the past week, he has spent hours helping me build my dream backdrop walls! My father was in contruction and my entire life I’ve been amazed at his ability to create things out of wood. Not only create, but to visualize what it will turn out to be. He can see something that is nothing, and create it into magic! I’ve seen him take his own home building plans and reconfigure them to something even better. Having that type of capability to visualize what something will look like before it is even built just amazes me.

I’m so blessed that he was able to help …. and by help I mean he let me use some power tools, but he really build ALL of this himself!! I always learn so much from watching him and seeing him create. It was so fun hanging out with him and observing how he does what he does. I can say, that my dad is way cooler than I am and that I have a LOT to live up to!

Step One …. Buy all the wood at Lowes. It was so funny watching him check each piece to make sure it wasn’t warped! Now I know, never buy the first piece, look for a good one!

Step Two …. Measuring out all the wood and creating the pieces like a puzzle we’ll put together later at the studio.

Step Three …. Transferring all the pieces to the new studio and putting them together there! Thanks to my dad and nephew Kolby for all their help :)

Look at those beautiful walls!!!

dadbuilding-september2018 (15 of 21).jpg

Step Four …. Painting the walls :)

A tour of the new studio with the amazing backdrop walls!!

And finally!! Some photos of the backdrops in use!! We had an intimate couples session and three boudoir girls in the studio last week and these walls were a beautiful addition!!!

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