We participated in our FIRST First Friday in downtown York, PA on October 5th and it was so much fun y’all!!! Mayor Michael Helfrich came to welcome us into the neighborhood and we even did a ribbon cutting ceremony … with those huge scissors you only see in movies!! Like HOW COOL! After the ribbon cutting we opened the studio along with Krista’s studio mates Sarah & Christina to show it off and take some photos! From 5-7 we let guests come in, look around, enjoy some food, and of course take some free photos to document their time in the studio!! Thank you so much to everyone who attended and celebrated the day with us!! This has been a huge dream of mine! With the hard work of all of us (Krista, Sarah, and Christina) it has come to life and it was a fun night to show off that hard work!

Check out our Ribbon-cutting Ceremony below!!

Keep scrolling to see a few images from the night and all the amazing people I got to capture!!

If you had your pictures taken by Krista of The Hursts & Co. you can find more of your pictures HERE and should have received the email with the download code :) If you didn’t get the email, please shoot us an email at hello@thehursts.co :) We maintain the copyrights to the images and they can not be sold for profit or used for commercial work. However, please use these on social media and share away or print them for your home! If you share them, please tag us: Facebook - The Hursts & Co. and on Instagram @thehurstsandco :)

If you don’t see your photos, that’s okay, you probably just had them taken by my studio mates: Sarah B Photography or Christina Julia Photography and can reach out to them :)