"There isn't any questioning the fact that some people enter your life, at the exact point of need, want, or desire - it's sometimes a coincidence and most times fate, but whatever it is, I am certain it came to make me smile."

- Nikki Rowe

What is life lately other than crazy?? Well it’s kinda spectacular really! If you have not heard, I’ve left my “day job” as a 7th grade art teacher to pursue photography full time!! And today .. today I'm announcing that we HAVE A STUDIO!!! Whaaaaat!! I (Krista) of The Hursts & Co. will be sharing this space with 2 amazing boss babes, Sarah of Sarah B Photography & Christina of Christina Julia Photography :) It's been a crazy few months and if you're interested in reading the full story, I laid out the path that lead me here :) I was going to just put a few pictures and a whoohoo, but there is SO MUCH MORE to it and I wanted to be honest about our journey. Make sure you scroll all the way down for a super awesome giveaway!!

The universe has really heard my prayers and set some amazing things in motion for us after some really hard months. In January, I was at the lowest of lows, and my depression/anxiety was in full swing. I had become used to that feeling and thought, this is fine, this is my life, this is how I will always feel. Life took a crazy turn of events when I found out I had type 2 diabetes in March. I can't explain it, but it was like a switch just went off in my head and I was READY! Ready to change my life and mood! I didn't want to be depressed, have so much anxiety about everything, and be out of breath walking up stairs! So that day I cleared out my cupboards and got professional help to help with my depression, anxiety, and health.

Over the next 4 months I made choices to better both my mental and physical health. Numbers don't really matter, but I can tell you that I feel awesome, and can now RUN up the stairs! I feel like a totally different person, one who showed up for herself, and with that clarity, came more big changes! For my mental health I looked at what I was doing, teaching and photography, and had to make the hard choice to pick just one. I've been a teacher for as long as I can remember. I taught swim lessons as a lifeguard, got my degree in Art Education from Penn State, taught ceramic classes, student taught in Pittsburgh, and worked at CCA for 9 years teaching 7th grade art online. During my teaching career I made friends that are my family and who I couldn't have made it through without! Leaving was bitter sweet, but my heart was called to photography and I couldn't deny it!

Maybe you didn’t even know I was a teacher for the past 9 years? I never really talked about it in the photography world. There was this idea in my head that teaching and doing photography could not coexist. I would always play one of them down like, “oh I’m a teacher and I do photography on the siiiide.” Or I would act like teaching wasn’t a huge part of me in the photography world because I wasn’t a full time photographer and to some that meant I wasn’t successful yet. I didn’t say it like it was, I had two full time jobs and worked really hard at both and was successful in both! But mannnnn was I tired and it was sucking the life out of me!!! I’d teach during the day, edit at night, photograph on weekends and oh, have no life! This year was my moment, my time to make the hard choice and pursue one career! My heart and body could no longer be torn in two!

I truly believe everything comes in time and hard work really does pay off. Everyone's road is different, we can't all take the same path ... and how boring would it be if we did! It took me 9 years to pay my 2 degrees down, to set myself up into a position where I was able to take a leap. Some people are able to take leaps of blind faith, but I'm a planner and waited until the moment felt right for me. Maybe right now isn't your moment and that's OKAY! You do not need your life to look like anyone else's! But keep setting yourself up for the life you want and work hard!! Don't get me wrong this is still a leap of faith going into photography full time! I could fail horribly, but isn't it an awesome feeling to have tried than to wonder what if?


I decided to start looking for a studio over the summer after I left my teaching job. I never thought I would want a studio. I'm a natural light photographer and the woods call to me! But when I went full time, I thought, what is my purpose, what do I want to bring to the world with my photography. Joy, love, kindness, and acceptance. I thought about my clients and how I could better serve them. A mix of studio and nature just made sense to me to best accommodate my clients. Mike and I looked at few spaces ranging from Lebanon - Harrisburg but nothing was what I wanted. I wanted something open, with lots of light, but all I was finding was small office spaces. We found a few places, but either the location or the price wasn't right. I couldn't wrap my head around paying for all the rent myself and thought, how will I do this?

Insert, Sarah! I saw my friend Sarah post about needing people to share a studio space with her above Redeux Vintage in York, PA. The location was a bit far for me, but the company and space had me all heart eyes! I went to see the space and truly fell in love. I said yes and have been dreaming of ideas for the space ever since. I could not be more thankful for Sarah & Christina! They're both the most positive lights and I'm beyond grateful to have them in my life! The right people truly come into your life at the right moments :)

From Sarah - This studio will be located on the 2nd floor of Redeux Vintage, in York PA, right beside Collusion Tapworks and The Bond, right in the heart of Royal Square District. This isn't a regular studio, it's a cool studio (Yeah for Mean Girl puns!). But our vision is to have it set up like a hip apartment with a couch, cozy chairs, and even a bed. And with these ladies and their killer style I know it's going to be awesome!

I couldn't have done any of this without my amazing husband and photo partner Mike, who has been my biggest high fiver ever! His love and support is everything! I’m really excited to push myself in photography and see what more I can do! What I can bring to this large community. But I’m truly going to miss teaching, it’s a huge part of who I am and in my heart ❤️ Hoping I can take the teacher in me and channel that energy into some fun photography things like mentoring, workshops ... skies the limit! In this space I plan to shoot boudoir, families, mommy & me, mommy & fur babies (bring me all the dogs!), branding images for companies, fashion, and couples! We have so many fun new events and specials we'll be rolling out so please join our mailing list to be the first to hear and follow us on Instagram!!

To all my clients who have had us at your weddings, engagements, family shoots, newborn sessions, boudoir shoots ... THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Your trust in our vision to document genuine emotions in an organic way keeps me excited about this journey we are on! I'm so happy I'll be able to dedicate my time to you all and document your beautiful stories! Scroll down for our special giveaway :) 

All photos by me, except single photos of me taken by my gal pal Sarah B Photography :) 


I'm giving away a FREE STUDIO SHOOT!!! HECK YES!!!

A 30 minute session with Krista of The Hursts & Co. at the new studio in York, PA!!!

Can be used for family, boudoir, branding, headshot, senior, mommy & me, mommy & fur baby!

*Fine Print .. Must be scheduled and shot the month of October. Can not be redeemed for cash or goods. Can not be transferred.

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