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Why The Hursts & Co.?

Because The Hursts & Cockapoos was too long! But that’s who we are, we are Krista, Mike, and our two cockapoo dogs Cannoli & Clementine. We're a husband and wife team based out of Annville, PA, but available worldwide!

Mike & I have been together since the 9th grade, and just hit that "holy crap has it really been that long" moment where we realized we've been together over half our lives! But daaaaamn has it been an amazing ride ya'll!! This year marks 10 years of marriage, and not to over gush, but this man is my rock, and one of the reasons I love capturing people in love. Seeing how much he loves me makes me love seeing that kind of love in other couples and capturing those moments for them!

Mike & I are best friends to our core! Like we finish each others sentences or sandwiches kind of friends (insert Disney pun ;) Here's the top 10 things you need to know about us or at least the top 10 random things we could think of :)


1. We're obsessed with our dogs

.. like crazy obsessed! Cannoli & Clementine are the lights of our life! So you can't go wrong with starting a conversation about dogs with us or any animal really! You want your pet at your engagement/wedding/family shoot, WE ARE SO ON BOARD!!


2. Our favorite food is sushi!! Like can't get enough of it!

3. Harry Potter - Love it! That's all! .... but Luna Lovegood is my favorite!

4. Disney - Also love it! .. I don't think we can pick favorites on this, but seriously if it's between seeing an action movie or the newest Disney movie in the theater, you'll see us bumping some kids out the way ;) One of my favorite pastimes is singing Disney songs on the way home from photographing a wedding with Mike. We have no shame and will both belt out the lyrics!

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5. I'm just going to put the rest of our obsessions here to get them out of the way

- Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Star Trek, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Bob's Burgers....

6. We like board games .... like those ones that take forever, are cooperative and involve strategy and math skills and hours of lost time .. yep those ones! I kick Mike's butt in Splendor but he's the reining king of Risk. Mike also collects Monopoly games, everyone needs a hobby right?

7. Krista has a Masters degree in Art Education and was a former 7th grade Art teacher for 9 years! She's spent her life either creating, teaching, or learning about art.

8. We enjoy the outdoors and all things nature. We’re truly inspired by our surroundings and the beauty we see each day. We go camping as often as we can and love to be outdoors hiking with the pups. Sitting by a fire eating s'mores, sipping a cold cider or playing a board game in a tent during a rain storm; that is when our hearts are truly happy.


9. We LOVE to travel!

We’re free spirits with wild hearts and always looking for our next adventure. We’d love nothing more than to pack up an RV and travel the US seeing all the incredible places along the way :) For now we've enjoyed traveling near and abroad together! Some of our favorite places we've been: New Zealand, India, St. Martin, California, Italy, and Paris!


10. Cheesy time ... but we love each other! We've grown together, seen each other at our worst/best, and have been there to push each other towards our dreams. I really can't imagine walking through life with anyone else or doing any other job that doesn't have us working together. I'm so thankful that I get to spend my days with Mike documenting other people in love, it's pretty freaking darn great!
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