Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for your kind words!! We're so happy you're apart of The Hurst Family!!


Benedetta & Eugenio

"Krista and Mike are the best photographers you could ever choose!! My husband and I loved their style since the first time we saw their portfolio and immediately contacted them. Even though we gave them very short notice, Krista and Mike have always been very professional and replied to our emails promptly. Krista was also so kind to be our witness!

We had a great time with them during our elopement photo shoot!! They have been incredibly sweet, patient, and absolutely helpful!! At the end of the day, it seemed to us we had known them since forever!! We were at ease and couldn't be happier with the results! The pictures Krista and Mike took are breathtaking, artistic, and romantic! They show exactly how happy and in love we are!! Do no hesitate to choose Krista and Mike for your elopement or wedding!! They will capture every minute of your love by taking amazing pictures!! What else can I say?? They are the best, really!!"

Matthew & Nathaniel

"We loved working with Krista and Mike, they were so friendly and made everything easy for us! We really wanted candid shots and they got hundreds of beautiful ones that we will enjoy forever. The family portraits came out nicely too. Our wedding ended up being outside on a sunny 92 degree day, and we were worried that everyone would look sweaty and gross in the photos. To our astonishment, we got them and the Hursts had magically made everyone look amazing, as though it had been 70 degrees. You'd literally never know. Still don't know how they did it!"

Emily & Coty

"If you're looking for a photographer that will capture special moments you will treasure forever, look no further. Krista is an amazing photographer that has given me milestone photographs to look back on the rest of my life. A wedding is very stressful day, and the last thing a bride wants to worry about was whether or not the photographer documented "that moment" (which, let's be real here, every moment is "that moment" when it comes to weddings. Krista was the last thing I had to worry about on that day. She knew exactly what to do and was seamless through the entire process. Krista's in her element with a camera in her hand. She was comfortable and relaxed, and as a result, so were our guests. We've used Krista's services a few times now to photograph some of the important chapters in our lives. Those chapters, her photographs, proudly fill our walls."

Danielle & Mark

"The Hursts were amazing photographers. They are incredibly professional, experienced, flexible, and responsive. From the beginning Krista was great at communicating with me months in advance. She shared her portfolio with me to allow me to see her work then we had a couple of conversations. I was super impressed with how detail oriented and professional she and her husband were from how they process payments to how they share the photos. The best of all is that once you get the pictures, there are no strings attached, you can do what you want with them, print them and use them however you like. On the day of they were great at being in the right spot but not diverting any attention. They were photographer ninjas! Just overall amazing service. I highly recommend the Hursts!"

Terésa & Karl

"Photography is something that has always been very important to me, so it was vital that our wedding photographers be peaople we truly trused to create the images that we would return to, again and again, to relive and revisit such a big, beautiful day in our lives. Considering we planned the wedding log distance, this was a particularly stressful decision. I looked through dozens of photographers in the NJ/PA area before finding Krista and Mike, and when I found them I reached out immediately. They were quick to respond and eager to connect with us, even though we couldn't meet or work with them before the actual day. When we finnaly did meet, they were professional, friendly and accommodating. They floated along the energy of the day and helped us feel at ease through all the nervous energy. And the pictures!!! Suffice to say, I'm so happy these are the pictures we get to return to again and again. They captured the happiness, the dynamis, and the light perfectly. We hightly recommend Krista and Mike for romantic, real and vibrant images of your wedding day.

Daniele & Jay

"Absolutely the best money spent on our wedding. We'd decided the one thing we wanted to splurge on for our wedding was photography, and though the photographs looked like they cost a bundle, they were in the same price range as many studios in the area offering what I saw as the usual wedding photographs. In addition, we got 2 wonderful photographs, who treated us more like friends than customers and who made us feel comfortable in every photo even though we're generally the worst at having our photographs taken. We also got all the rights to all of our photos, which is an absolute blessing. Krista's creativity and passion was contagious; we loved that she continually suggested new angles and spots to take photos at all of our locations for both the engagement and wedding shots, instead of just going through a set of routine locations at pre-determined spots. Our engagement photos were exquisite (many commented that they were the best they'd ever seen)."                                


"Thank you to Krista and Mike! The Hursts did our engagement photos and our wedding on 9/1/15 at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn and I will continue to recommend them to all our friends. The pictures speak for themselves on how beautiful each image is captured. They are professional, timely, and make you feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Thank you! Again!"

Kate & Mark

"I knew right away that Krista was the right choice as a photographer for our wedding. I actually had another photographer lined up and I was ready to sign his contract, but then I randomly came across The Hursts website and instantly changed my mind. From our first phone call, we just clicked, and I knew that all of us (the bridal party) would be comfortable around her because she is so easy going and fun. The next day, my older brother told me that the two photographers (Erin helped Krista!) were like paparazzi and that they just appeared out of no where with their cameras. To me, those are the BEST kind of shots because they are natural and not a "pose" (though I know you need those!) We just got married 3 days ago, so I only got to see one picture so far, and I have to say I am SUPER excited to see the rest, because even just this one picture is awesome. Family said it looks like a picture from a magazine. THANK YOU KRISTA!!"